OpenVox VoxStack Series Hybrid Gateway is an industry 1st open source asterisk-based Hybrid VoIP Gateway solution for SMBs and SOHOs. With friendly GUI and unique modular design, users may easily setup their customized Gateway. Also secondary development can be completed through AMI (Asterisk Management Interface). They are developed for interconnecting a wide selection of codecs, including G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G.722, G.723, G.726 & GSM, to the GSM cellular networks to quickly reduce telecommunication expenses and maximize cost-savings. With the unique design of the VoxStack Gateway, it can support hot-swap for both SIM cards, GSM gateway modules and Analog gateway modules. Users can simply add or remove the modules for hardware expansion or exchange. The VoxStack gateway designs with a Lan Switch board that provides stackability on the hardware upgrade. It supports SMS messages sending and receiving and group sending and SMS to email. The GSM Gateways are 100% compatible with asterisk, Elastix, trixbox, 3CX FreeSWITCH sip server and VOS VoIP operating platform.

The Vs-Gw1600 Gsm Series Includes The Following Models

Product  Model -  Description
VS-GW1600-4G8S - 4 GSM Channels and 8 ports FXS VoIP Gateway
VS-GW1600-8G8S - 8 GSM Channels and 8 ports FXS VoIP Gateway
VS-GW1600-12G16S- 12 GSM Channels and 16 ports FXS VoIP Gateway